International Medical Company

International Medical Company was established in 1998 with the following two founding principles,

• Genuinely offering consistent client service and positive experience
• Commitment to personal and professional integrity

Both these principles contributed to the growth of IMC and its three divisions:   Sales & Marketing, Pharmacy, and Consumer.
All three divisions have grown in their own respective sectors; all earned their gracious position in Qatar’s growing and competitive market as quality conscious providers of Pharmaceutical, Par-Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy and healthcare, and consumer oriented products in the State of Qatar.

Their fast growth has taught them an important lesson on how to invest wisely in their human resources; By holding regular training, updating their colleagues with recent products’ knowledge and information, they are able to enrich the minds and also raise the communication standards of their colleagues, all of which have reflected positively on their colleagues’ dealings with customers and clients.
With their positive outlook towards the international markets, IMC started to partner with many of the world leading companies to market, to promote exclusively to Government and Private sectors.
IMC also owns and operates Qatar’s largest chain of pharmacies with an expanding base of 38 “Kulud” Pharmacies, thus providing nationwide coverage, and ensuring that medical and non-medical products are available at affordable prices.

All of these promotes their slogan: "TRUST THE EXPERTS"​



Controlling and dispensing medicine. (Pharmacists are legally responsible for any dispensing errors).

Working to legal and ethical guidelines according to SCH, IMC and Consumer protection Regulations.

Advise customers in getting their needs from the Pharmaceutical and Para-pharmaceutical products (like: medical devices, medicated cosmetics, vitamins and herbals, first aid products, baby products which may include surfing the internet . etc.)
Maintaining strict monitor on medicine use and quality (storage and expiry)
Ensure that there is no misuse or abuse of medication or any other items of the pharmacy.
Co-operate with other branches especially in their shortage or near expiry items.

Administrative support:
Handling customers’ complaints and reporting the same to management.
Updating the registry in the SCH registry books (Incoming, Expiry, Prescription and POM registry books)
Handling clients with insurance and filling out paperwork for insurance companies and proper arrangement for insurance documents.
Performing data entry work.
Expiry arrangement work (preparing near expiry lists, reallocate and removing expired goods from the shelves and expiry compensation)
Receiving purchase orders and keeping the invoices in the proper file.
Ensure adequate products availability: monitoring shortages and making prompt and direct orders
Handle inventory, Stock arrangement and organization.
Handle the Cash, fill the Daily Sales Repot.
Monitoring the flow of customers and prevent thefts
Monitor, supervise, and support the other workers (pharmacy assistants, trainees, cashiers and Cleaning staff).
Follow up the customers’ needs and recommending listing of new products.
Preparing the requested reports as per management.
Maintain the general environment and cleanliness of the pharmacy
Support visibility and sales of IMC products

Support Tasks:
Support coworkers in creating a productive and positive work environment
Support in the delivery of high quality and timely service
Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; scientific committee releases and CPPD Program in Qatar university .
Promoting sales and developing the business: (like: merchandising, displaying, negotiation … etc.


Arranging appointments with doctors, pharmacists and hospital medical teams, which may include pre-arranged appointments or regular ‘cold’ calling.
Making presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in GP surgeries, hospital doctors and pharmacists in the retail sector. Presentations may take place in medical settings during the day, or may be conducted in the evenings at a local hotel or conference venue;
Organizing conferences for doctors and other medical staff;
Building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff and supporting administrative staff.
Managing budgets (for catering, outside speakers, conferences, hospitality, etc.)
Keeping detailed records of all contacts;
Reaching (and if possible exceeding) annual sales targets;
Planning work schedules and weekly and monthly timetables. This may involve working with the area sales team or discussing future targets with the area sales manager. Generally, medical sales executives have their own regional area of responsibility and plan how and when to target health professions;
Regularly attending company meetings, technical data presentations and briefings;
Keeping up to date with the latest clinical data supplied by the company, and interpreting, presenting and discussing this data with health professionals during presentations;
Monitoring competitor activity and competitors’ products;
Maintaining knowledge of new developments in the National Health Service (NHS), anticipating potential negative and positive impacts on the business and adapting strategy accordingly;
Developing strategies for increasing opportunities to meet and talk to contacts in the medical and healthcare sector;
Staying informed about the activities of health services in a particular area.


Possesses thorough knowledge of the particular products being sold and the cosmetic industry in general.Read and understands information about new products being developed and emerging on the market.Identifies skin types and skin conditions and knows the best products for each one.
Gives product demonstrations for customers. Assist customers with finding the products that best suits their needs.
Sells customers as many appropriate products as possible.Meets or exceeds specified sales goals.
Produce sales report for managers.
Manages the product inventory


Responsible for art direction and graphic design, seeing all projects through from concept, design, production, completion and delivery.
Work closely and collaboratively with the Marketing team on all creative projects.
Personally work on graphic development. Follow the company’s brand identity standards and guidelines.
Interact with vendors and agencies to develop creative concepts and executions.
Work closely with Marketing Director to keep all projects on track.
Interprets company needs and develops concepts to suit specific guidelines while working within budget constraints. Provide accurate time and cost estimates for each tactic.
Presents design work at various stages to stakeholders for review and final approval.
Supports the Marketing, Retail, Corporate and Sales teams in creating sales materials.
Advise stakeholders on all technical visual recommendations and/or issues.
Assist in the education and development of Graphic Designer. Interfaces with printers and various external vendors. Attends press checks and participates in photo shoots as needed.
Completion of other tasks and duties as assigned


Implementation of promotion calendar. Coordination and project management.
Coordinates with merchandising on implementation and removal of promotions.
Coordinate with designer / agency for the creation of promotion artwork design. IMC sales team support and material supervision.


Coordinates content calendar.
Assures posting and responding.
Audits competitors’ social media and market intelligence.
Manages posts design creation.
Manages implementation of content and development in website and mobile application.


Responsible for serving as a team leader and ensuring the department creates accurate and timely financial records for the organization.
Analyze financial information and prepare financial reports by compiling information, preparing profit and loss statements and utilizing appropriate accounting control procedures.
Prepare general ledger entries and appropriate reconciliations for month – end, quarterly and year – end closing for multiple clients. Direct and supervise activities of other accountants and clerical workers performing accounting and bookkeeping tasks.
Analyze and review budgets and expenditures for local and private funding contracts and grants.
Explain billing invoices and accounting policies to staff, vendors and clients.
Recommend, develop and maintain financial databases, computer software systems and manual filing systems.
Supervise input and handling of financial data and reports for the company’s automated financial systems.
Interact with internal and external auditors in completing audits.


Representative of the human resources department that facilitate all HR functions and programs.
Oversee issues related to employment, compensation and employee relations. Improving HR policies, processes and practices also recommending changes to HR management.
Ensure efficient operations, perform a substantial amount of research, data analysis and reporting as it relates to employee productivity.
Responsible for day to day management of HR operations.
Manage the administration of the policies, procedures and programs of the organization.
Carry on functions as assigned by the Department Head and the management every now and then.

To apply for any vacancies, please send your most updated CV at


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